Social Policy Framework

‌The Social Policy Framework is a blueprint to help evaluate and address community needs linked to Red Deer's social well-being.

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What is the Social Policy Framework?

Social policy typically refers to legislation or a set of principles guiding the factors that affect human well-being.  A framework is a foundation or blueprint. The Social Policy Framework (SPF) will provide the foundation as The City works with other organizations, citizens, and visitors towards a specific set of social goals for the whole community of Red Deer.  

This is a municipal plan reflective of the Province’s Social Policy Framework. 

Why a Framework?

The aim of the SPF is to help The City sustain the community's social well-being. It will provide a powerful opportunity for The City to coordinate more effectively with other stakeholders and make better use of limited resources to evaluate and address community needs.

What is social well-being?

Within the SPF, social well-being is characterized through the social pillar definition describing our desired social future:

Red Deer is a strong, engaged community that embraces its diversity.  Through leadership, support and partnerships, everyone can meet their needs and maintain a good quality of life.  Equality, social well-being and a sense of belonging are supported, and decisions are just.

Our social well-being is to be achieve through a set of community goals:

  • Community Cohesion and Engagement: We have strong personal, family, neighbourhood and community connections, and are engaged in the community, providing a sense of belonging and contributing to our quality of life.
  • Educational Opportunity and Attainment: We have access to quality and diverse learning opportunities and programs throughout our lives.
  • Equitable Services and Access: We have fair and equitable access to neighbourhood and community assets and services such as libraries, schools, parks, recreational facilities, transportation and Internet.
  • Health and Basic Needs: We lead healthy and dignified lives, with basic physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs consistently met.
  • Housing: Safe, accessible and affordable housing is available to all, and everyone is appropriately housed.
  • Jobs and Wages: A broad range of employment and related opportunities exist to support upward economic mobility and provide sufficient wages in an equitable manner, so that individuals and families can afford a dignified standard of living and have opportunities to contribute to the well-being of others.
  • Poverty Prevention and Reduction: Supportive systems are available to help prevent us from experiencing poverty and secure lasting economic stability and security.
  • Resilience: We are prepared to respond to and recover from crisis.  Our vulnerability to hazards is reduced, and impacts of natural hazards, emergencies and crises on our lives are minimized. 
  • Safety: We live, work, learn and play in a safe and secure community and contribute to the actual and perceived safety and security of ourselves and others.
  • Social and Cultural Diversity: We respect and celebrate the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of all.

Strategic Direction 

The framework emerges from The City's Strategic Direction, which includes the Safety Charter. This framework is a strategy of the Safety Charter. The Strategic Direction also serves as City Council’s Sustainability Plan. Within that plan, environmental, cultural, economic and social pillars are equally important in making decisions for Red Deer. 

Read the Social Policy Framework Q&A (pdf)