Project Request Application

Do you as a Community Association, Sports Organization, or individual have an idea to improve or add amenities within our city? The form and process below highlights the preliminary steps and information needed to initiate the review process.

If you have questions before you get started please email for more details.

The City of Red Deer is looking for projects that:

  • Support the entire city and can be used by a variety of people and age groups
  • Are supported and led by local Community Associations and Sports Organizations
  • Improve the health of residents and encourage physical and/or mental activity
  • Encourage collaboration and cooperation between people and neighbourhoods

Facility Development Project Request Application - Process Chart

StepApproximate TimelineDetails
Step 1 2 Weeks Applicant completes the application form and ensures support from community or sports organizations has been received.
Step 2  1 day Application form submitted to City Administration using the Project Request email address provided below.
Step 3  3-4 Weeks  Application is reviewed by City Administration and if needed a Pre-meeting with applicant is arranged.
Step 4  2 Weeks 

City Administration either:

1. grants a preliminary approval with budget/funding requirements and conditions or

2. the application is not supported by Administration and recommendations and details are given for re-submission or denial.

Step 5  5-6 Weeks  Approved projects will need to complete their conditions for final approval. This may include such items as development/building permit(s) and architectural requirements, site plan review, studies or reports and other funding, grant or city budget information and timelines.
Step 6  8+ Weeks  Project completes all conditions and receives final approval.
Step 7  2-6+ Months  Applicant starts their project and City Administration reviews, inspects, and follows project until completion.
Step 8  2-6+ Months  Applicant submits any outstanding receipts or unspent money if the project is funded by the City and completes project review form.

Application Process

  1. Fill out the Project Request Application Form (pdf).
  2. Email your completed Application Form along with the following documents to
    1. Letter of support from Community Association
    2. Letter of support from sports organization and/or YMCA
    3. Letter of approval from Joint Use Committee if project is to be completed on or near school property
    4. Site Plan of current area and of new planned area
    5. Pictures, other letters, all relevant other information

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