Economic Development Strategy

The Economic Development Strategy is the first initiative of the Economy Charter. This Strategy is the guiding document for The City’s economic development activities.

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Red Deer's Economic Development Strategy (pdf)
Economic Development Strategy Data Updates 2020 (pdf)

Economic development aims to:

  • Enhance the general population’s quality of life and socio-economic conditions
  • Create more sustainable long-term economic opportunities by creating conditions necessary for economic growth, such as a more educated workforce
  • Develop initiatives that leverage and enhance a community’s assets (people, land capital and resources), relationships and opportunities while reducing the barriers that might inhibit it

Background information on the strategy and the process

The Economy Charter was developed by Council in September 2011, and updated in February 2015. It states “Our economic development activity within Red Deer diversifies and stabilizes our economy, increases local businesses and job opportunities, utilizes properties to their potential, and has resulted in appropriate use of land that reflects our identity and community values for the benefit of our taxpayers, community groups and business owners.”

Economic Development Strategy Q&A (pdf)

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The Economic Development Strategy continues to support The City's 2023-2026 Strategic Plan, including the Strategic Goal "An Economic Leader".

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