Growth and Annexation

Learn more about The City's projected growth and annexation exploration.
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The Growth Monitoring Report is intended to support an integrated approach to growing smarter. Within this report you will find regional, city-wide and district-specific growth monitoring information. This report is meant to be a summary resource for City Council, administration, citizens, and community members to understand how we are doing in meeting shared goals in an effort to ensure Red Deer's growth occurs in an integrated way. Its aim is to help paint a more complete picture of growth activity in both new and established areas of our city.

View the Growth Monitoring Report (pdf).


Annexation is a tool used by municipalities to realign jurisdictional boundaries to ensure sufficient developable land supply for long-term development.

The City extends exploration phase for annexation  - News Release from June 2019

Annexation FAQs

What is annexation?

Annexation is a tool used by municipalities to realign jurisdictional boundaries to ensure sufficient developable land supply for long-term development. Annexation does not mean there is a change in ownership of the land, simply a change in which municipality has responsibility for that land area.

What is the annexation process?

The Municipal Government Board (MGB) outlines the process and ultimately makes a recommendation to the Province on the annexation. The process begins when one municipality submits a “Notice of Intent to Annex” to the MGB. The municipality or The City in this case, must then consult with affected landowners, the public and other stakeholders. The City must also work with the municipality it wishes to annex land from, which is Red Deer County in this case. Once this is completed, the annexing municipality will submit a report to the MGB; a public hearing will be held and individuals will be allowed to appear before the MGB to make comments. The Board then prepares a report for the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to consider and a decision will be made by the Province after considering the Board’s report.

What areas will be annexed?

The areas being considered for annexation are still under review and will be announced when the Notice of Intent to Annex is filed. At that time, we will work closely with land owners to help them understand the annexation process.

What is the rationale for annexation?

The Intermunicipal Development Plan’s (IDP) land supply formula indicates Red Deer has a 17 year land supply. The IDP recommends The City have within its boundary a 30 to 50 year supply for growth purposes. The areas annexed will be used to accommodate future growth and development.

What is the timeline for annexation?

The full annexation process can take up to two years and we’re in the early stages. The resolution passed by Council tonight provides Administration direction to explore the merits of annexation and begin preparing a Notice of Intent to Annex, which is the first step in the process. The Notice of Intent to Annex is anticipate to come forward in mid-2019. Following the Notice of Intent to Annex, consultation with consultation with landowners and other stakeholders would begin.

Are annexation and expropriation similar?

No. Expropriation involves a municipality taking over ownership of private land and using it for major projects such as roads or water, sewer or utility infrastructure. Annexation, on the other hand, does not involve a change in land ownership; it only means a change in municipal boundaries and jurisdiction.