Major Event Strategy

The Red Deer Major Event Strategy and Destination Development Framework was developed to help position Red Deer as a premier tourism and event destination in Canada.

Approved by City Council in 2021, The Strategy identifies Tourism Red Deer to transition into a new Destination Development Corporation (DDC), a unified organization to oversee major event development and broader tourism development in Red Deer. Tourism Red Deer as the DDC would have three major functions, tourism marketing, major events, and destination development, which would help build community-wide capacity to transform Red Deer into a premier major event destination.

Read the Red Deer Major Events Strategy and Destination Development Framework (pdf).

Tourism Red Deer Business Plan Development

In 2022, The City and Tourism Red Deer worked together to develop a business plan, which outlines three core functions and organizational structure changes needed to grow Tourism Red Deer to become the DDC.  Tourism Red Deer’s Board of Directors approved the plan in September 2022.

Within the 2023 operational budget, City Council approved new funding to Tourism Red Deer to begin implementing the TRDBP.  Tourism is more than just a business sector: it is an economic driver that crosses multiple industries and supports growth in multiple ways.  As the business plan is implemented, the following outcomes are anticipated for the Red Deer region.  

  1. Tourism Red Deer is positioned to provide enhanced value to its members, the tourism industry, and the community.
  2. A high degree of alignment and collaboration is maintained among tourism stakeholders.
  3. The long-term sustainability of Tourism Red Deer and the local visitor economy is enhanced.
  4. Net economic, social, and environmental benefits are realized on a community-wide basis, including:
    1. Increased awareness of the destination
    2. Increased visitation to the destination
    3. Increased revenue for tourism-related businesses/organizations, Tourism Red Deer, and partner municipalities
    4. Increased satisfaction among visitors and residents related to tourism
    5. Increased appreciation, revitalization, and preservation of built and natural environments

To learn more or see the approved TRDBP, please visit the Tourism Red Deer website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Red Deer Major Events Strategy & Destination Development Framework?

The purpose of the Red Deer Major Events Strategy & Destination Development Framework is to position Red Deer as a premier destination for major events. The City of Red Deer commissioned the study to review the current state of major event hosting in the community and develop a strategy for future development.

See the April 26, 2021 News Release and Council's May 10, 2021 Recap Meeting Notes (pdf) which outline the decision for Land & Economic Development to work with Tourism Red Deer to deliver the Tourism Red Deer Business Plan.

Were stakeholders consulted in the development of the TRDBP?

Yes. The research and stakeholder consultation phase of the project included meetings with:

  • the Project Committee; comprised the Tourism Red Deer Board and City Administration
  • the Working Group from the Tourism Red Deer Board and City Administration
  • One-on-one interviews with over 160 key internal and external industry stakeholders (including local organizations, major event developers, engaged residents, City Council, City staff, and Provincial staff)
How will this strategy benefit the community?

Major events have the ability to produce a wide variety of economic and social benefits for Red Deer. From an economic perspective, major events are a proven tourism driver that can bring visitor dollars into communities. Major events are also known to bring host communities together, strengthen local pride, enhance community engagement, build the capacity of local organizations, contribute to the preservation of built and natural environments, and strengthen the case for enhancements to infrastructure and programs.

What role will The City play in the proposed strategy?

City Council and Administration’s role will shift to stewarding the vision and strategic involvement and supporting the outcomes Tourism Red Deer is now responsible for achieving.  The City’s role includes being a representative on the Tourism Red Deer Board of Directors, providing core funding to the organization and being an active partner in the ongoing success of the organization.

What role will Tourism Red Deer play?

The Tourism Red Deer Board approved the Business plan and City Council increased investment to Tourism Red Deer to execute their enhanced vision. Tourism Red Deer will help attract major sport and cultural events to our community and will act as a single point of contact for event producers, funders, facilities and more to make event planning in Red Deer simpler.

Tourism Red Deer would continue to focus on and expand three areas:

  1. Tourism Marketing – be the voice of Red Deer as a destination.
  2. Destination Development – build community-wide capacity to grow Red Deer as a destination.
  3. Major Events – take the lead role transforming Red Deer into a premier major event destination and providing a one-stop approach for major event development.