Does Red Deer Have Hard Water?

People sometimes wonder what the differences are between hard water and soft water. Let's discuss which type of water we have in Red Deer.

Differences Between Hard & Soft Water

What is water hardness?

Water hardness is not harmful it simply represents the total amount of the dissolved calcium and magnesium minerals naturally present in our groundwater and surface water. These minerals come from rocks such as limestone that dissolve in our river system. The City of Red Deer’s water is considered hard. Our water ranges from 150 to 250 mg/litre or 9 to 14.6 grains/gallon.

Hard vs Soft Water

If dissolved calcium or magnesium minerals are present in high concentrations, the water is considered hard. Sometimes hard water will result in scaling or white spots on your dishes, water heaters and bathroom fixtures. Hard water can also reduce lathering properties of soaps or detergents.

Water containing low concentrations of calcium or magnesium is called soft water. Municipalities with soft drinking water often have higher incidences of water pipe corrosion, due to a higher level of acidity (low pH).

For more information on water hardness, please refer to the Water Hardness Q&A Backgrounder.

Let's find out some classifications & facts about water hardness levels.

Water Hardness Q&A Backgrounder

What causes hard water?

As water flows through soil and rocks, it dissolves some of the naturally occurring calcium and magnesium from the environment. This water then flows into rivers and groundwater sources.

Does hard water pose a health risk?

No, it does not. Health Canada provides additional information about water hardness here:Health Canada - Water Quality & Hardness 

What is Red Deer’s water hardness level?

On average, treated water has a water hardness level of 206 mg of calcium carbonate per litre of water. Water hardness levels, according to the World Health Organization, can be classified as follows:

ClassificationHardness as mg CaCO3/L  Hardness as Grains per Gallon 
Soft 0 - 60 0 -  3.50
Moderately Hard 61 - 120 3.56 – 7.01
Hard 121 - 180 7.06 – 10.50
Very Hard Greater than 180 Greater than 10.57 

How can I tell if my water is hard?

You will sometimes see scaling or white spots on your dishes, water heaters, and bathroom fixtures. Hard water can also reduce lathering properties of soaps or detergents.

How can I reduce hardness levels in my water?

There are many different types of filtration systems on the market. Contact a retailer to discuss your individual household needs.