Water Meters

Water meters have been replaced in Red Deer homes and businesses. The new water meters will improve customer service and billing accuracy.

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The City's 2014 Water Meter replacement project has resulted in 99.2 per cent of the City's Water meters being replaced in Red Deer homes and businesses. The new water meters have resulted in improved customer service, billing accuracy and meter reading efficiencies.  This multi-year project upgraded outdated or aging equipment, reduced the need for estimation of water usage, promoted sustainable practices and increased operational efficiencies in our community.

AMR Meter Project

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is now the industry standard technology, which provides better accuracy and reliability and reduces the need for estimating water use. The City of Red Deer has replaced approximately 32,500 meters since the fall of 2014. 

Replacement Appointments

If you still have an old meter, call Utility Services at 403-342-8750 to schedule a meter replacement appointment to avoid the Utility Deferral Fees.  


  • Efficiency - Water readings will be sent to meter reading staff driving by, eliminating the need for staff to gain access to the property. 
  • Accuracy - Billing will be based on exact water consumption rather than estimating usage. 
  • Water Conservation - Staff can monitor for potential leaks and quickly inform customers if a leak is detected at the property.

Utility Deferral Program

Properties which have not replaced their aging meters to AMR meters are put on the Water Meter Deferral Program. These customers must cover the incremental costs associated with manual readings and maintaining the outdated meters. These fees are added to your monthly utility bill. Account holders may see a significant increase in their bill.

As The City is no longer receiving monthly meter readings from manual meters, residents on the Deferral Program are advised to check their water meter each month and contact The City if you see a sudden spike or drop in use.

Have more questions? Read our Q&A

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