Construction & Maintenance

Our Mandate

The Construction & Maintenance (C&M) Section of The City’s Utilities Department works to protect the health of our Citizens and the environment by performing rehabilitation services for our water, wastewater, and storm systems. This helps to ensure consistent and sustainable high quality, quantity, and reliability of water and wastewater service with operations that are fiscally, environmentally and socially responsible for you and our future generations.

Our Standard Excavation Process

There are several steps we undertake to rehabilitate our water distribution and wastewater collection systems.

Our starting point is to call Utility Safety Partners (USP) with the area we plan to perform ground disturbance activities at. During this process you will see Utility Locators from Atco, Telus, Shaw, EL&P (and other shallow utility representatives) in and around your property. They will be leaving paint marks and flags to mark the locations of the underground utilities in the area. See our utility locations page for further information.

Once the utility locates have been completed, the site is scheduled for excavation. Using heavy equipment and City staff, we will complete the repair or replacement on the deep utility, (i.e. water / sanitary / storm sewer). The excavations can vary in size depending on the depth and the scope required to complete the rehabilitation. Please note that during the excavation process, we use heavy compaction vibratory equipment to compact the ground as best we can to help lessen settlements and deterioration of our trench. Please secure valuables from being damaged during this process.

After the work is complete, the crew will do their best to leave the job site clean and organized. Our goal is to leave the property functional and clean up any debris that was made during the excavation process.

Our Parks and Public Works Department (PPW) completes all concrete and asphalt repairs. If our excavation was completed late fall or winter, concrete and asphalt repairs will commence in the spring or early summer. For further information regarding asphalt and concrete reinstatement, please call 403-342-8238.

For landscaping and fence repairs, our current standard is to repair private property that we have disturbed during excavations. All private property landscaping repairs are contracted out. For further information regarding our landscaping reinstatement process please call 403-342-8750.

The City tore my fence down and dug up my yard. When will my yard be repaired and my fence replaced?
Landscaping and Fence Replacement

Our current standard is to repair private property that we have disturbed during excavations. All private property landscaping repairs are currently contracted out. Landscaping repairs will commence after any adjacent asphalt or concrete that was disturbed during our excavation has been replaced. Our landscape contractor will contact the property owner to make arrangements for property access and to confirm their scope of work.

For further information regarding our landscaping reinstatement process please call the Utilities department at 403-342-8750.

I would like to talk with someone about the work that the City is performing on my property. How can I do this?
Compliments, Complaints, and Claims

If you would like to talk to someone in regards to the excavation work that the City is doing or has completed on your property or nearby, please see below for our phone number and email address.

The Construction crew working outside shut my water off. When will it be turned back on?
I have no water! Who can I talk to?

During our excavation to repair water and wastewater infrastructure, we may need to temporarily interrupt your supply of water to complete a repair or to make the repair work in our excavation safer for the crew. We will use our best efforts to minimize these inconveniences and to provide you with appropriate notification of the water-off. 

During any periods the water is shut off: 

  1. Water cooled or dependent equipment should be checked and/or shut down.
  2. A check should be made to ensure all faucets are closed.
  3. Once the water is turned back on, the water should run for a few minutes, or until the line is clear of air.

If you have further questions or concerns about the supply of your water, please call Utilities Department at 403-342-8750.

The City completed an excavation and the ground area is subsiding / settling out causing a hazard.
Reporting a settlement from an excavation.

If you encounter an excavation that has settled or is creating a hazard, please call Utilities Department at 403-42-8750 to report the concern. You can also email us the concern to