Parking Restrictions

How to avoid a parking ticket.

Parking restrictions are in place during snow zone plowing. According to The City’s Traffic Bylaw, street signs are the only notification we are required to provide residents before ticketing their vehicles. We know that no one likes getting a ticket so we provide many ways for residents to know where crews are working so they can avoid getting a parking ticket.

  • Check the schedule – the schedule is posted online the same day snow zone plowing is announced and kept up to date throughout the program. The schedule is subject to change, so check back often.
  • Sign up for Snow Zone Notifications through Notify Red Deer and get a call, text, email or app notification before plows enter your snow zone.
  • Follow The City of Red Deer on Facebook and Twitter. During snow zone plowing, we post our location for the day each morning to help remind residents where we will be so they can move their vehicles.
  • Check local media such as the newspaper, radio and digital ads.
  • Follow the signs. No Parking signs are placed along Green Routes, and for Grey Route plowing, we post signs at the entrances to neighbourhoods. Visit the Snow Zone Plowing page for more information on Green and Grey Routes.
Why do I need to move my vehicle off the street?

We can plow more efficiently and effectively when vehicles are off the street. Vehicles left on the street slow down the program, causing more inconvenience to residents and increases the cost of the program.

For Green Route plowing we remove snow from the road meaning we must have vehicles off the street to do so properly. For this reason, vehicles left on Green Routes will receive a ticket and be towed to the nearest Grey Route at the owner’s expense. 

For Grey Routes, snow is piled into windrows on both sides of the road so Operators will plow in vehicles left on Grey Routes. Plowing them in is more efficient and less costly than towing them; however, it does leave windrows further into the driving lane and will have a larger impact on on-street parking when plowing is complete.

Be a Snow Buddy and remind your neighbours when plows are coming. It will save everyone time and money.

What will happen if I leave my vehicle parked on the street?

Depending on which street your vehicle is parked on, you will receive a parking ticket and could receive a ticket for the cost of towing your vehicle out of the way. If your vehicle is plowed in, you may have to shovel the windrow from around your vehicle to get it out.

Where can I park?

We encourage residents to use their off-street parking during residential parking.

The City’s Land Use Bylaw requires all single dwellings and duplexes to have a minimum of two off-street parking spots either in front of or in the rear of the property.

If you choose to park on the street, you can park on a route that is not scheduled for plowing.

  • During Green Route plowing, park on a nearby Grey Route.
  • During Grey Route plowing, park on a nearby Green Route.
Are parking restrictions in effect on weekends?

Unless otherwise noted, parking restrictions are in effect Monday to Friday for Snow Zone Plowing. We know that snow plowing equipment can be loud so we make every effort to keep the operation between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. but sometimes equipment will work into the evening to stay on schedule.

Exceptions to this may include:

  • Plowing around schools – wherever possible, we will plow around schools during non-peak times and when classes are not in session. This could be weekends or during extended breaks from school (Christmas break, long weekends). In these circumstances, No Parking signs will be placed on the street and residents in those areas, who are signed up for Snow Zone Notifications will be notified.
  • Downtown (Snow Zone D) plowing – Because downtown streets are used frequently during regular business hours, Snow Zone D is plowed overnight between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.