Dangerous Goods Routes and Permits

The City of Red Deer Dangerous Goods Route Bylaw restricts vehicles transporting dangerous goods within city limits.

Dangerous Goods Information 

  • Dangerous goods are defined by the Dangerous Goods Transportation and Handling Act.
  • Dangerous goods may only be transported on designated or supplemental routes, unless a special permit from the Fire Prevention Bureau is obtained.
  • Failure to obtain a permit may result in a fine.

Dangerous Goods Route Bylaw 3152/95 (pdf)

Dangerous Goods Signage

Dangerous goods routes are signed with the permissive dangerous goods route symbol.

Supplemental routes will not be signed, but may be used without a permit for the express purpose of making a pickup from or delivery to destinations adjacent to the supplemental routes.

Unauthorized stopping or parking is not permitted on or adjacent to the supplemental routes.

Failure to travel on designated or supplemental routes may result in a fine.

Dangerous Goods Map

The Dangerous Goods Route is colour-coded.

  • Red: Designated Dangerous Goods Routes
  • Green: Supplemental Lines

Dangerous Goods Route Map (pdf)

More information about dangerous goods routes within the city is available from Fire Prevention Information.