Amending a City Adopted Plan

Changing a City adopted plan requires City Council approval. The following Plan Amendment Process provides all the relevant information and 'how to' steps to request a land use rezoning to City Council.

What is a Plan Amendment?

A plan amendment is a change either in text or graphics to the Municipal Development Plan, a Major Area Structure Plan, a Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan, an Industrial Area Structure Plan, or an Area Redevelopment Plan.

Is there a cost involved?

Yes, there is an application fee.

Planning Department Fees (pdf)

Contact the Planning department at for more information about the application process.

What is the process to follow?

You must work directly with the Planning department to process your application.

Please submit an Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application Form (pdf) to the Planning department.

The Planning department will submit your proposal to Legislative Services to be reviewed at an upcoming council meeting. Please note that it takes a minimum of five weeks to be scheduled into a council agenda dependent on the nature of the amendment.

The Planning department at will circulate your request to the various departments of The City to obtain their comments about your proposal. These administrative comments provide an evaluation of your request and help Council to make an informed decision regarding your request.

All comments are compiled, together with your request, and are included in the council agenda. The Planning department will notify you of the date your item will appear on a council agenda.

What happens when my request goes to Council?

  • At the council meeting, Council may give the first reading to the plan amendment.
  • Council may also choose to table or deny a request based on the details presented. If Council does not give first reading to the amendment, the process stops.
  • If Council gives first reading to the amendment, The City of Red Deer is obligated to advertise the proposed land use changes for two consecutive weeks. A Public Hearing is advertised to be held during a council meeting four weeks later, at 6 p.m. during Council's regular meeting. You will be responsible for the advertising costs and will be invoiced this cost which we estimate to be approximately $700. Advertising costs are non-refundable whether the change is approved or denied.

Can I attend the Council Meeting?

  • At the Public Hearing you, your organization, or members of the public may make presentations to Council in support or opposition of the proposal. Following the Public Hearing, Council's Procedure Bylaw 3358/2006 (pdf) indicates that each presentation is limited to 10 minutes. Council may give second and third reading to the amendment, at which time it is passed by Council. The plan amendment comes into effect the date of the third reading.
  • If Council does not give second and third reading to the amendment, the process stops.