Telecommunication Facilities

Telecommunication services are important for all Canadians and are used daily by the public, safety and security organizations, government, wireless service providers, broadcasters, utilities and businesses. In order for telecommunication services to work, antenna systems including masts, towers, and other supporting structures are required.

The City of Red Deer is not the approving authority for telecommunication antenna structures, devices and facilities. The Federal Minister of Industry is the approving authority under the Radiocommunication Act and Industry Canada (IC) is tasked with ensuring the orderly development and efficient operation of telecommunication facilities in Canada.

While Industry Canada has been given authority in the placement of telecommunication facilities, it has been their practice to involve municipal governments in the placement of telecommunication facilities by requiring that the local land use authority and the public be consulted to ensure that reasonable and relevant local concerns are addressed in the approval process.

Industry Canada has established consultation procedures set out in their Spectrum Management and Telecommunications Client Procedures Circular (CPC-2-0-03 Issue 5 as amended) entitled Radiocommunication and Broadcasting Antenna Systems. The Proponent is required to satisfy Industry Canada’s general and technical requirements as well as the requirements for Land Use Authority and public consultation.

Public Consultation usually has already been undertaken prior to submitting the Telecommunication Facility Application in accordance with IC and The City of Red Deer requirements. The Telecommunication Facility Application is to facilitate a municipal response to Industry Canada.

Telecommunication Facilities Application (pdf)