Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework

An Intermunicipal Collaborative Framework (ICF) is a legislated requirement, introduced in 2016 under the Modernized Municipal Government Act (MGA), that requires municipalities who share a common boundary to create an ICF.


  • Provides integrated and strategic planning, delivery, and funding of inter-municipal services;
  • Stewards scarce resources efficiently to provide local services; and
  • Ensures municipalities contribute funding to services that benefit their residents. 

On March 29, 2021, The City of Red Deer adopted the Intermunicipal Collaborative Framework (ICF) between Red Deer County and The City of Red Deer. The City and County have a long history of working together. The ICF summarizes all of the existing agreements between The City and the County into a single document. The creation of the ICF builds on top of existing Intermunicipal Development Plan (2007) and provides a foundation for ongoing dialogue to explore new opportunities for regional collaboration. 

Intermunicipal Collaborative Framework (2021) (pdf)