Tiny Homes

‘Tiny home’ is a generic term used to describe compact dwellings of a small or tiny size. A tiny home is not defined in the Zoning Bylaw but may be considered one of the following dwelling types:

  • House – a free-standing Residential Building that is constructed on Site on a permanent foundation. There is no minimum floor area for a House.
  • Backyard Suite – constructed or placed on a permanent or temporary foundation on Sites where there is already an existing House or Manufactured Home on Site.  A Backyard Suite may not be constructed on a chassis unless located in the R-MH District. A Backyard Suite cannot be a Recreational Vehicle or Manufactured Home.
  • Manufactured Home – a moveable Dwelling Unit that is placed on a foundation and connected to utilities. Manufactured Homes must meet specific CSA standards.
  • Recreational Vehicle – a portable Building transported on its own wheels and provides temporary living accommodations. Recreational Vehicles must meet specific CSA standards.

For safety reasons, all dwelling types must be designed and built to meet the requirements of the current building code and other related construction codes such as plumbing, gas, and electrical. 

The following table indicates the zones that allow for each of the dwelling types.