Apartment security

Don’t Let Them In

  • Never use your intercom to let a stranger into the building, including people who say “parcel delivery,” “I forgot my key,” or “paper boy.” Instruct all tradespeople, delivery people and solicitors to contact the resident manager. Remember, you are responsible for any person you let in.
  • Never hold the outer door open for strangers. Tell them to buzz the person they're visiting or the resident manager, or hang back to avoid a confrontation.

Keep Doors Locked

  • Make a habit of locking the door when you come into your apartment. A thief can steal your valuables in the time it takes to have a shower.
  • Always lock your apartment door, windows and patio doors when you leave, even if you're just going to the laundry room or the mailbox.
  • Use a drop bar to secure sliding glass doors.
  • Never prop open the entrance doors and leave them unattended. If you're moving, post someone at the doors.

Don’t Make Your Building a Target

  • Report any burnt-out lights, lost keys, non-functional locks or doors, or broken windows to the building manager.
  • Never put your identification or address on your apartment or car key rings.
  • Never hide spare keys.
  • If your apartment door doesn't have a deadbolt lock or peephole, ask the resident manager for permission to have them installed.
  • Have your keys ready as you approach the door.
  • Get to know your neighbours so you know if someone doesn't belong. Arrange to keep an eye on each other's apartments while you're away.

Don’t Tip Them Off

  • Never leave notes on your apartment door or on the intercom panel indicating your whereabouts or return time – this tells a potential thief how much time they have.
  • When you go out, leave a radio and a light on, or hook them up to a timer.
  • Draw curtains or close blinds after dark.
  • When the curtains are open at night you can't see out but others can see in.