Going away?

Protect your home and belongings when you’re not there.
  • Tell only those people who need to know that you are going away.
  • Have a trusted person house-sit for you, or hire a reliable house-sitting service.
  • Cancel home deliveries of milk and newspapers and do not leave notes for others.
  • Have the post office hold or forward your mail and ask a neighbour to collect junk mail.
  • Arrange for someone to perform lawn and garden maintenance so your home will look lived in.
  • Have a neighbour arrange drapes and blinds occasionally.
  • Purchase timers for radios, TVs and exterior and interior lights.
  • Turn down the telephone ringer; an unanswered phone usually indicates an empty house.
  • Do not leave a message on your machine telling callers you are away.
  • Ask your neighbours to inform the police immediately if they notice anything unusual or suspicious around your home. They should record the licence plates of questionable vehicles.
  • Have a record of the serial numbers of missing items. Anything without a serial number should be marked with your driver╩╝s licence number. This increases your chances of having missing property returned to you.

Before you leave:

  • Lock all tools, barbecues and ladders out of sight
  • Set and test all timing devices
  • Lock and check all doors and windows
  • Disconnect the garage door opener

If a break-in has occurred during your absence:

  • Do not enter the house in case the intruder is still there. Use a neighbour╩╝s phone to call the police immediately!
  • Do not touch anything. Wait for the police to arrive.