Protect your vehicle

If you don’t lock it, be prepared to lose it.

Prevent vehicle theft

The best way to protect your vehicle from being stolen is to lock it.

  • Always lock your vehicle. Never leave a running car unlocked to warm up as some thieves specifically look for this opportunity on cold mornings.
  • Protect extra vehicle keys. Ensure you remove the valet key that some models of cars leave in the owner’s manual.
  • Electronic engine immobilizers offer the highest level of protection against auto theft. All new model vehicles in Canada come equipped with them.
  • Vehicle alarms and steering wheel locks provide extra deterrents for thieves.
  • Park in well-lit areas near pedestrian traffic or inside a secure garage.

Prevent theft from vehicles

Theft from vehicles accounts for a high percentage of property crime in Red Deer. Ensure your vehicle is not a target by:

  • Removing valuables including smartphones, GPS and keys. Put anything in the trunk that could tempt a thief, even loose change or empty shopping bags.
  • Removing garage door openers from vehicles. Thieves will use them to gain access to the contents of your garage or your home.
  • Ensuring windows (including the sunroof) are completely closed and doors are locked.
  • Keeping registration and insurance papers locked in the glove box.

For more Crime Prevention tips, visit the Central Alberta Crime Prevention Centre website.

If your vehicle has been stolen or broken into, call the Police non-emergency line to report it: 403-406-2200. If you witness a theft in progress, stay back and call 9-1-1.