Home security checklist

Complete this security checklist to find out if your home may be vulnerable to thieves. This survey can also help you evaluate the security risks of a home you plan to purchase or rent.


  • Shrubs are cut below window level.
  • Tree limbs are cut above window level.
  • Residence number is visible from the street, and at night.
  • All entrances to the house and garage are well lit.
  • Bicycles, lawn mowers, ladders, etc. are kept inside.
  • You know your neighbours and watch out for each otherʼs property, or you belong to a Neighbourhood Watch program.


  • Doors have 180 degree peepholes.
  • Inside locks are at least one metre from glass.
  • Exterior doors are solid-core.
  • Exterior doors have 2.5 cm deadbolts.
  • Door jambs are securely fastened.
  • Strike plates and hinges are secured with 7.5 cm (3") screws.
  • Deadbolts extend sufficiently into strike plates.
  • Locks have been changed or re-keyed since you moved in.


  • Windows are secure (pinned or with back-up locks).
  • Metal windows and basement windows have back-up locks.
  • Curtains cover windows completely.


  • Garage door closes tightly.
  • Overhead garage door has quality lock.
  • Doors are locked and closed when not in use.
  • Remote garage door opener is customized for your garage door.
  • Keys are removed from vehicle while itʼs in the garage.
  • Garage light can be turned on from inside the house.

Read more details in our Protecting Your Home and Property Brochure (pdf) .

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design concepts, in addition to traditional security measures such as locks and lighting can increase safety and security for your home.