Wire Services

Meter Service Provider

As the wire services provider, we are responsible for the construction and maintenance of the distribution system infrastructure and all revenue metering equipment installed for the purposes of electricity service in our service area.

Note:  Due to annexation, our service area and the City boundary are not aligned. If you live in an area that has been annexed since 2007, you may be outside our current service area. Contact us with your address and legal description to find out if you are served by us or Fortis.

 We are responsible for the following meter services:

  • Procure and manage meter inventory
  • Test meters
  • Certify meters
  • Install and remove revenue meters and other associated equipment

View About Your Meter for more information.

Meter Data Manager

Meter Data Management includes the collection, validation and management of all consumption data, including information from non-interval and interval meters. We act as Meter Data Manager for all interval sites in the Red Deer settlement zone and Enmax Power is contracted to provide certain Wire Services, including Meter Data Management for Cumulative meters. 

Delivery of Meter Reading Information

  • Enmax Power delivers the revenue metering information for cumulative sites
  • Electric Light & Power delivers the revenue metering information for all interval sites

Revenue meter reading information for enrolled sites is sent to market participants, as described in the Settlement System Code.

Publication of Meter Reading Cycles

  • Enmax Power publishes the meter reading cycle schedule for all zones for which it is responsible

Load Settlement

Enmax Power is the Load Settlement Agent for our settlement zone.

Load Settlement Agent functions include:

  • Allocate energy consumption, losses and unaccounted for energy to all sites in our settlement zone in accordance with the Settlement System Code, as amended from time to time.
  • Add and maintain site information for all sites in our settlement zone.
  • Provide Retailers with an updated site ID catalogue. ENMAX Power provides updated catalogues in electronic format to listed Retailers via VLTrader, unless otherwise requested by the retailer. Process enrolments in a standard manner.
  • Provide settlement data through the standard transactions described in the Settlement System Code.