Information for Electricity Retailers

If you wish to become a retailer in Red Deer, you must complete a Retail Access Service Agreement with The City of Red Deer, and satisfy other retailer requirements outlined in our Terms and Conditions for Retail Access Services (pdf).

The City of Red Deer has contracted with ENMAX Power to look after Red Deer's retail service applications and prudential requirements. The application information is found on their website.

Besides meeting our retail requirements, you must also meet government and Alberta Electric Systems Operator requirements, including, but not limited to:

  • Registering with the Government of Alberta
  • Becoming an Alberta Electric System Operator participant

Retailer Responsibilities

Acting as the main point of contact with end use customers

Red Deer expects to have limited direct contact with retailers' end use customers. Therefore, retailers will be the main source of electricity industry information for their customers, such as distribution tariff information as described in the Alberta Tariff Billing Code (AUC Rule 004).

Service requests

  • Energizing/re-energizing sites
  • De-energizing sites (de-energizing a site for financial reasons may only be performed by the applicable site's Default Supplier or the Regulated Rate Option Retailer)
  • Testing meters
  • Reading meters off-cycle

A complete list of services and their associated fees are located in the Fee Schedule. Retailers are financially responsible for all service requests made on behalf of their end use customers. Our agent, ENMAX Power Corporation will invoice retailers for these services on a monthly basis.

Enrolling customers and managing customer information

As described in the Settlement System Code (AUC Rule 021), retailers and regulated rate providers are responsible for enrollment, including informing our agent, ENMAX Power Corporation, that they've been chosen as the supplier of electricity services at a particular site. Enrollment is supported through the standard transactions described in the Settlement System Code.

  • Retailers must ensure that they have obtained proper authorization from their current or prospective customers before initiating any customer related transaction, including consumption history and enrollment.
  • The retailer bears full responsibility for the accuracy of enrollment transactions submitted to ENMAX Power Corporation. A retailer that erroneously enrolls a site will bear responsibility for the associated Distribution Tariff costs and any other financial implications associated with the error.
  • In its role as the wire services provider, Red Deer Electric Light & Power requires emergency contact information for all sites in our service area. Retailers must provide up-to-date basic customer information (including emergency contact name, addresses and phone numbers as well as name, address and phone numbers for the financially responsible party) for all enrolled sites. This information is provided to ENMAX Power Corporation through the industry standard transaction, Update Customer Information (UCI), via VLTrader, as described in the Settlement System Code (AUC Rule 021).
  • If a retailer wishes to terminate its ownership of a particular site, it must provide the industry standard transaction, De-Select Request (DSR), via VLTrader, as described in the Settlement System Code (AUC Rule 021). The effective date of the transaction will be five calendar days from the date of the request, unless the site enrolled by another retailer within the five calendar day period.