Micro-gen/ Renewable or Alternate Energy Sources

Micro-generation is the term used to describe alternate or renewable energy resources. These include solar, wind and hydro. Currently, The City only accepts solar applications, and an application process must be followed.

The following outlines the process if you want to connect a Micro-generation unit to our distribution system. Micro-generating units are sized to offset all, or a portion of your total energy consumption and is less than 5 MW. Albertans that want to generate electricity to earn revenue, and not for their own use, are considered commercial generators and do not meet the requirements to be a micro-generator. 

If you are interested in solar or other technologies that qualify as micro-generation please follow the steps below. Visit the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) website for more information.

 The Application Process

1. A City of Red Deer Micro-gen application must be filled out by you or your representative and submitted to the Electric Light & Power Department.

  • All information must be included on the application, including Site ID, consultant information, generation size, etc. 
  • A single line drawing of the equipment must be included as well as a site plan for the installation and a manual for the panels and inverters. 
  • An electrical distribution engineer at The City of Red Deer will then process the application. 
  • To have an application sent to you, email elpmeters@reddeer.ca or print off the Micro-generation Application - Form A (pdf) .

2. If the application meets all requirements, including mandatory hardware requirements on voltage and frequency ride-through criteria for installation, we will produce an Interconnection Agreement - Effective 2023 (pdf) . A copy of this agreement will be sent to you or your representative to be signed. Once signed, the agreement can be sent by email to (elpmeters@reddeer.ca) or by standard mail to:

City of Red Deer
Attn: Electric Light & Power Department
Box 5008
Red Deer, AB  T4N 3T4

3. Once the agreement is signed by the EL&P Manager, a letter is provided to you or your representative so you can apply for a solar permit at Inspections and Licensing.

What else should I know?

  • Once the installation is complete you must book the final inspection through Inspections and Licensing (403-342-8190). Please note: Electric Light & Power must be called at least two days in advance of the final inspection so we can send the application to the AUC for final documentation.
  • After the final inspection has been passed, you must send a copy of the inspection to the Electric Light & Power Department. A service order will be put into the system for a meter exchange and an appointment will be booked for the new meter install. Once installed, the new bi-directional meter will start measuring the exported electricity. You are responsible for contacting your retailer to arrange for electricity compensation.
  • Any unused or surplus power generated and sent to the distribution system will be reflected on your power bill in the form of a credit. For small Micro-generation (less than 150 kW), you will receive a credit for any electric energy supplied back to the grid at your retailer’s energy rate. For large Micro-generation (greater or equal to 150 kW but not exceeding 5 MW), you receive a credit for any electric energy supplied back to the grid at the hourly pool price.
  • For generation applications outside of this scope, an alternate process must be followed as outlined by the AUC. Details on the AUC process can be found on the AUC website.