About your Electric Meter

We require access to meters to ensure public safety, monthly meter reading for billing, and meter compliance and testing.

Accessing Your Meter

Federal regulations and our Terms and Conditions require that we are able to access our meters and equipment.

Here are some of the reasons we need to maintain access to meters and why:


  • to disconnect power in the event of a fire or other emergency
  • meter tampering or vandalism which can make the meter unsafe

Meter Reading

  • Being able to obtain a reading each month ensures your billing is as accurate as possible
  • Off-cycle reads requested by the retailer or by the meter data management team that is responsible for validating meter reading
  • Regulatory requirements regarding how often a meter read has to be obtained

Removal and Replacement

  • Meters are regulated by Measurement Canada and must be removed for testing at specified intervals to determine if the accuracy meets requirements
  • Meters are also replaced as part of managing our assets and when damage or failure occurs

Picture of meter that is not accessible.You can do your part to maintain access to your meter by not blocking the access to your meter.  Here is an example of blocked access that includes both blocking the way to the meter and siding being installed over the meter base.

If you are doing renovations such as new siding, contact us to discuss maintaining access to your meter both short and long-term. We will provide a temporary removal to allow workers to complete their work in most situations and the siding must not prevent removal of the meter in the future. 

Do not build a deck, fence or other structure that blocks access to your meter.

We understand that many people have security concerns and we have processes in place to securely handle keys and security codes for locked residential gates, commercial sites, etc. 

 If we cannot maintain access to your meter, we will contact you to arrange for access to the meter.

Note:  Access is required by federal regulation and inability to secure access to the meter may cause a service interruption as set out in the Terms and Conditions for Distribution Access Services.

Can I Count on My Meter?

Meters are subject to testing and compliance programs to ensure measurement accuracy. We purchase and install meters that are approved and verified by Measurement Canada and we manage our meter testing and replacement program to comply with the Canada Electricity and Gas Inspection Act and Regulations. 

There are many reasons why a purchaser might think their meter may be inaccurate and we encourage you to view Measurement Canada's Can I Count on My Meter? for more information.

If you would like to view the meter read and usage history for your site, please complete and return the Authorization form to receive a meter read and usage history for a site(s) (pdf). We will provide the requested information to you.