Community Associations

Red Deer has several neighbourhood-based Community Associations that provide a great way to connect with other living in your neighbourhood.

Community Associations have been major contributors to the quality of life in Red Deer for several years. They plan neighbourhood activities and special events, manage the local neighbourhood activity centre and outdoor rinks, and make sure that your neighbourhood spaces are clean, safe, and meeting the needs of residents. They also encourage community input on many levels and deal with issues and concerns such as crime, safety and neighbourhood planning.

Your local Community Association is always looking for volunteers with fresh ideas and a desire to help build welcoming safe and vibrant neighbourhoods where we live, work and play.

To find out more about the association closest to you contact them directly or speak with a Community Facilitator about starting a new group in your neighbourhood, call 403-314-5910 or 403-314-5911.

Listing of Community Associations