Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)


The purpose of the Municipal Planning Commission is to act as the Subdivision Authority for The City of Red Deer for subdivision applications referred to it by the Subdivision Officer, and as the Development Authority in all matters assigned to it under the Land Use Bylaw, by Council, or referred to it by the Development Officer.

Committee Outcomes

1. The Development Authority of The City of Red Deer is:

a. The Development Officer and any employee of The City of Red Deer to whom the City Manager has delegated authority to carry out the duties or functions of a Development Officer; and
b. The Municipal Planning Commission in respect of any matter assigned to it under the Land Use Bylaw, by Council or referred to it by the Development Officer.

2. The Subdivision Authority for The City of Red Deer is:

a. The Subdivision Officer, who is the Director of Planning Services or designate, for all subdivision applications, except as provided for in subsection 2(b) below;
b. The Municipal Planning Commission for any subdivision application that:

i. Involves a relaxation of the Land Use Bylaw standards;
ii. May not meet the criteria of Section 654(1) of the MGA;
iii. Elicits written planning concerns from those persons and local authorities to whom the application was required to be circulated; and
iv. Any other subdivision application that the Subdivision Officer refers to the MPC.

3. When a registerable instrument is submitted for endorsement, the Subdivision Officer is authorized to accept minor modifications to lot lines, provided:

a. No more than one additional lot is created;
b. Municipal, school or environmental reserve does not change;
c. Roadway standards of The City of Red Deer are not compromised; and
d. Such adjustments comply with City bylaws with the exception that minor changes to the Land Use Bylaw standards may be included as provided for in the Municipal Government Act.

4. The Subdivision Officer has the authority to:

a. Extend the time within which a Plan of Subdivision is required to be submitted to the Subdivision Authority for endorsement;
b. Following endorsement, extend the time within which a plan of subdivision or other instrument pertaining to a subdivision is required to be submitted to the Registrar of Land Titles for registration; and
c. Refer requests for extensions of time under subsections (a) and (b) above to the Municipal Planning Commission.

5. In addition to the duties set out in the Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Government Act, the Municipal Planning Commission has the following responsibilities pertaining to subdivision and development issues:

a. Act in an advisory role to Council on policy issues;
b. Act in an advisory role to Administration on issues that may impact the implementation or administration of policy;
c. Exercise all the powers and perform all the duties prescribed for it in the Municipal Government Act and City bylaws;
d. Decide on all matters referred to it by the Development Officer and the Subdivision Officer; and
e. Act for the City by providing a position in respect of proposed wells, pipelines, oil and gas facilities within the Intermunicipal Development Plan boundary, as well as Utilities which are referred to MPC by administration.

6. The Municipal Planning Commission shall not be bound to follow any formal rules of evidence.


1. The Municipal Planning Commission consists of seven Members as follows:

a. The Mayor;
b. Two Councillors; and
c. Four Citizen Representatives.

2. Council will also appoint one Councillor as an alternate Member of the Municipal Planning Commission, who, if the Mayor or an appointed Councillor is unable to participate in a meeting, will serve in his/her place.

3. The Mayor is chairperson of the Municipal Planning Commission.

4. In the absence of the Mayor, a Councillor will act as chairperson. If a Councillor is not present or must leave the meeting, a Citizen Representative will assume the position of chairperson in the interim.


The Municipal Planning Commission meets every Wednesday commencing at 9 a.m. as required.

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

All agendas and minutes after April 1, 2014 are available on the The City of Red Deer Council and Committee Meetings website.

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