Sergey Ryutin a.k.a. Toner

Sergey Ryutin, a.k.a. Toner, is a Ukrainian-Canadian mural artist with almost two decades of experience in mural installation in both the public and private realm. With an artistic background in urban art and a professional background in architecture, Sergey’s skillset allows him to marry a unique creative approach with detailed planning and execution on large scale projects. His visual language spans from clean and vibrant typographic and abstract designs to highly detailed photorealistic representations of plants and animals. His work demonstrates a recognizable style, employing combinations of photorealism with graphic and abstract elements.

Cheka Creative Inc. was founded by Sergey in 2016 to focus on large scale mural installation, sometimes partnering with other creators. To date the company worked on numerous exterior and interior projects, including one of the largest murals in Calgary.

Instagram: @bravotoner, @chekacreative