Promoting your organization

We recognize that promotions can be tricky on a tight budget and we want to help your organization, and the activities you engage in, be as successful as possible.
How to promote your organization events & initiatives

We’ve pulled together a list of free and paid opportunities for your group to consider and encourage you to explore other ideas and opportunities in our community, with those listed below serving as a jumping off point. Remember to research your target audience and find creative ways to reach them at the right time and in the right way.

Promoting Local Organizations - Downloadable Cheat Sheet (pdf)

Paid Opportunities

  • Advertise with local media outlets including radio stations, newspaper and online media
  • Boost your social media posts
  • Digital advertising
  • Bus, bus stop and facility advertising

Free Opportunities

  • Add your event to one of many community events calendars like:
  • Display posters on:
    • community bulletin boards
    • facility bulletin boards
  • Social Media – when you post on your own channels, tag The City of Red Deer to increase views and interactions:
  • Submit your free listing for community-led programs on Look ‘n Book and in every generated copy of My Activity Guide.
    These online listings are for long-term programs, and not for items such as events or one-time promotions. Email to submit your listing.
  • Write and submit your own We are Red Deer story and we’ll share it on The City’s social channels.
  • Pitch your story idea to local media.
  • Email to book a free space in a City recreation or arts facility.
    Opportunities are available in our lobbies, main streets and mallways – we provide the space, tables, chairs and power – you provide your people and information

Work with us

Did you know The City has dedicated staff to support local organizations? Our Community and Program Facilitators can help grow your collaborative relationships and networks in the community which in turn can spread the word about your organization’s programs and services.

Each of our facilitators specializes in different areas whether it be recreation, culture or art related, but they all have one thing in common – they are passionate about community engagement and facilitation – creating connections and meaningful relationships in our community.

Reach out to our recreation, arts and culture liaisons for more information about connecting with other groups within our community:
Georgia Major
Community & Program Facilitator - Recreation

Georgia MajorA little bit about Georgia: she is dedicated to promoting recreation opportunities to citizens and community organizations, strengthening the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of our community. Connect with Georgia if you are needing support with educating, promoting or activating recreation and leisure initiatives in our community.


Matt Becker
Community & Program Facilitator - Recreation

Matt BeckerA little bit about Matt: he is a champion for local sports organizations to help boost participation, enhance exposure and strengthen the capacity of our vibrant sports community. If you are a local sport organization or recreation group, Matt can assist you in finding spaces to deliver your programs, offer support for community and provincial grant opportunities, and offer assistance in planning and coordination of projects.


Nora Smith
Community Facilitator – Community Development

Nora SmithA little bit about Nora: Looking for innovative ways to foster community connections? Nora is your gal. Her creative, joyful nature makes discovering new ways forward an insightful adventure full of laughter. In her role, she works with Jamie to oversee community development initiatives in the downtown. With a passion for people, they are always happy to assist with helpful tools, resources and connections, so do reach out.


Jamie Mcgillicky
Community Facilitator – Community Development

Jamie McGillikyA little bit about Jamie: in her role, she manages the public art collection; when you see new murals or art installation being installed around the downtown, she is likely involved in some way. If you’re an artist, a business, property owner, or just someone who loves art and wants to bring more of it to our community, reach out to Jamie!


Jo de Beaudrap
Community & Program Facilitator - Arts & Culture

Jo de BeaudrapA little bit about Jo: She is passionate about the value of arts and creativity, and artist-centered operations as integral to individual and community development. Jo has experience in a variety of arts practices as well as arts administration and is a good sounding board for ideas. In her role, she provides arts consultation, gallery facilitation, training, and information about City of Red Deer arts and culture funding.


Jennifer Reichel
Community Facilitator – Community Development

Jennifer ReichelA little bit about Jennifer: Her passion lies with people. Connecting residents to each other within neighbourhoods and supporting social development through events, education and engagement with a focus on capacity building among community associations. Her work also extends to supporting community coalitions with planning and organizational facilitation supports.


Dale Loutit
Community Facilitator – Community Development

Dale LoutittA little bit about Dale: Dale is passionate about supporting those with a passion for community. She works directly with groups like neighbourhood associations, community groups and businesses to find ways to engage fellow community members and increase involvement in initiatives. If you want to get involved in the community, or already are and want to enhance your involvement, reach out to Dale!


Annette Scheper
Community & Program Facilitator - Arts & Culture

Annette SchepperA little bit about Annette: She’s better than a bottle of TUMS at Christmas time! If you have attended a public event in Red Deer, Annette has likely been involved in some capacity. She consults with local organizations on event planning and also manages event supplies available to not-for-profit organizations hosting events in Red Deer. Reach out to Annette if you are planning a festival or public event in Red Deer. She’ll help you navigate through the processes of event management and... just maybe help keep your digestive system on track.