Moonlight Murals Collective

We are a trio of Iranian-born female artists who have been creating colourful and whimsical murals and street art for the past 4 years. Our members are: Ghazaleh Rastgar, Melika Saeeda and Yasaman Mehrsa. We have formed the Moonlight Murals Collective and we have been working as a collective since April 2021.

We have worked with a variety of clientele and incorporated different forms of aesthetics into our work according to the criteria required. We have a strong background in street art and have painted on walls, utility boxes, the ground, light poles and more. We love producing work that is seen by a variety of audiences as we are able to incorporate a vision that includes our styles in a manner that suites the neighbourhood and the themes provided by making room for conversations and drafting a number of revisions until we design the best visual result as the final mural.

Instagram: @moonlight.murals.collective