Michael Burt (Trackside Studios)

I have always had a love for both art and graffiti. Art has been with me since I was a small child and graffiti not long after. Graffiti caught my attention at 13 years old and I have been doing them both ever since. I always try to bring art out into the streets, and the streets/ graffiti to my canvases. I love melding those two realms, traditionally what is considered beautiful art (renaissance statues, flowers, horses) and graffiti (drips, splatter, tags, street). Being a spray paint artist I gravitated early on to stencils. I had a lot of spray on hand and the one way to do fine detail on a canvas with spray paint is stencils. When I started doing larger work and murals, I kept that stencil style. Recreating it large where no stencils were involved. I've currently been working as a professional artist for over a decade. I own and operate a Halifax, Nova Scotia company that specializes in large scale murals, sign painting and custom artwork.

Instagram: @trackside.studios
Website: www.tracksidestudios.ca