Caitlin McDonagh

Caitlin McDonagh is a Canadian visual artist, illustrator, and muralist who creates intricate illustrative works that are deeply inspired by folklore, symbolism, and the natural world. Inspired by where human life and the natural world blurs, her work often results in a seamless narrative of beings who show both humanistic and animalistic sides of themselves, within landscapes that are inspired by places that she’s visited, lived amongst, as well as ones imagined within her own art realm. Her goal with her work is to build her own personal folklore; work that leaves doors open within it, allowing the viewer to add to the story while finding parts of themselves within it.

Caitlin’s mural work can be found in Victoria, BC; Vancouver, BC; Montreal, and various parts of Quebec; Brooklyn, NYC; and Charlotte, NC. Her paintings are part of the City of Burnaby Permanent Art Collection at the Burnaby Art Gallery, as well as numerous private collections around the world.

Instagram: @caitlinmcdonagh