Dewatering Permits

Dewatering permits are required whenever you directly or indirectly release water to the stormwater or sanitary sewer system. This does not include regular use through existing systems. Some examples of the dewatering permit application would be pumping water from an excavation site, pumping out vaults or manholes, and releasing water from a stormwater pond.

We require a Dewatering Permit so we can monitor and control the types of discharges entering our sewer system. We want to lessen the impact on the sewer system and the environment. Before you can release waste into either a sanitary sewer or storm sewer system, you must have approval from the City of Red Deer’s Utilities department.

You are also required to release in compliance with local, provincial and federal regulations and in a way that does not violate water quality standards. We may ask you to sample and certify that the discharge complies with the limits of the receiving waterbody, but you will be informed if this is needed during the application process.

Dewatering Permit Application (pdf)
Dewatering Permit Reference (pdf)

If you are using a fire hydrant or flushing water, please see Hydrant and Water Use Permits. In this case, you do not need a dewatering permit.

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