Fix Leaks, Floods and Sewage Issues - Who to Call

Leaks, floods, backups and blockages can create hazards. Occasionally a portion of a water or sewer system can break down on private or public property. Sometimes leaks, floods and sewage problems on your property can be easily traced. If the water or sewage system problem appears to be off of your property and on the public side you may need to contact us to get the problem repaired.

Who to Call

Follow this guide to determine the steps to detect and resolve your problem with water leaks, flooding and sewage issues.

Note: Sometimes, the same issue can be solved by both The City and a plumber. When the guide says to call both 403-342-8750 and a plumber, call 403-342-8750 first and describe your situation. In certain instances where you are advised to call a plumber, you may be able to repair the problem yourself.

Type of problem (Sanitary & Storm Sewer, Water) Call 403-342-8750Call a plumber 
A plugged street drain or catch basin
Note: Keep drains clear of leaves or
snow from your sidewalks and driveways
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Manhole or storm grate cover missing  Phone icon  
Animals trapped in catch basins or
 Phone icon  
Flooding in streets causing traffic and/or
pedestrian hazards in busy areas
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Water/sewage gushing out of a manhole
or water system cover in streets, lanes,
and/or other areas (parks/grassy areas)
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Basement plumbing fixtures drain slowly    Phone icon
Bubbling sounds and/or gushes in floor
drains and plumbing fixtures accompanied
with sewer odours
Note: Crews may be cleaning sewer lines
in your area. Pour fresh water in your
floor drains and plumbing fixtures to
prevent sewer odour.
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An overflowing toilet, floor or shower drain,
tub or sink located in your home or business
   Phone icon
An overflowing storm water sump    Phone icon
Water seeping in through the basement
walls or foundation and pooling on the floor
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Sewer odour inside your home or business    Phone icon
Sewer back-ups in your home or business    Phone icon
Cloudy or brown water from your taps or
your neighbour's taps (called turbidity),
which doesn't clear up even after cold water
taps are run for 15 minutes
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Water discoloured, has a poor taste, or smell -
Spring Run-off
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No water flowing from all taps in your home
or in your neighbour's homes. First check to
make sure that nobody is doing repairs or
maintenance where they may have shut
water off internally.
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Sudden drop in water pressure in your entire
home, and several neighbours are affected
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Low water pressure or no water flowing from
any taps in your home, and none of your
neighbours are affected
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Water bubbling up on the private property
portion of your lawn or yard
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Sound of water running in pipes when all taps
are shut
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Sudden high water pressure    Phone icon
Excessively hot water, or no hot water at all.
Also check with your gas utility billing provider
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Low water pressure in only one faucet, tap
or fixture
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Water does not work in one area of your home,
or water pipes may be frozen
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Service valve needs to be raised or lowered or is
damaged, missing a cap or leaking
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