Manhole and Catch Basin Blockage Prevention

Keep your eye on manholes and catch basins to make sure they are draining properly.

There is water backing up on my street and yard, what should I do?

This is likely due to a heavy rainfall or warm weather creating a lot of snow melt. Some residents will clear the snow and ice away or remove any debris that is covering the catch basin and reducing the flow. Residents who perform this action do so at their own risk and should always remain cautious of hazards. Removing the debris will allow the water to flow from the street into the catch basin. If the area does not drain after clearing the catch basin, this may be an indication of a different issue and Utility Services should be contacted. Alternatively, contact Utility Services at 403-342-8750 and we will send out a crew to clear the area for you.

It is important to note that catch basins are only designed to remove storm water. They transport storm water directly to the Red Deer River without treatment.

Some areas within the city are engineered to hold water on the streets and sometimes even on residential yards. If you determine that the catch basin in your area is clear and draining, the water collecting on the road is likely normal. If you believe that your property is at risk, please contact Utility Services at 403-342-8750.

There is water coming out from the manhole on my street, what should I do?

This means that the main is surcharged (full). The water coming out is usually storm water during a severe rain event but at times it may be sanitary sewage because of a blockage in the main. In either case contact Utility Services at 403-342-8750 and we’ll send out a crew to investigate. Ensure to keep all people especially children away from the area.


Utility Bylaw
Protect the Pipes (pdf)
Protecting Red Deer's Water Brochure (pdf)