Residential Request for Information

The City of Red Deer’s Assessment Services section is committed to collecting and maintaining accurate and up-to-date property information. Accurate property data provides a solid foundation in developing fair and equitable property assessment values.

We collect property information in number of ways, including:

Requests for Information are mailed annually to owners of all property types including single family residential, residential condominiums and manufactured homes. If you received a Request for Information from our office, follow the steps below to complete the online questionnaire, it should take 10 minutes to complete.    

*Please note, you may experience an error message after a period of inactivity when completing the survey.  If that occurs, begin the survey again; any information already entered prior to the error message should be saved.

**Also note, that due to survey limitations, all registered property owner names will not be visible in the survey. Only the first name entered on the Land Titles Registration will appear on the survey. 

Steps to Complete the Online Request for Information

  • Access the Request for Information form here: Launch Portal
  • Enter your property’s Roll Number and Survey Key (found at the top of the letter you received from Assessment Services) and press submit.
  • Enter your Contact Information (name, property address, daytime phone, email).
  • Review the questions first and then answer them to the best of your knowledge. When complete, press submit.

If you have questions, contact our office by phone at 403-342-8235 or email at