Map of Assessed Values

A Web Map is available that provides assessment information parcel by parcel.

Go to WebMap and proceed to the City's Interactive City Map (Web Map) by hitting Launch Web Map.

On the sidebar, click Property Assessment, to bring you into the Assessment mapping layer.

Search for specific property using the search icon (top right of page) or, zoom into a district and specific property using the scroll function on your mouse.

You can choose different data: 

  • Ortho (aerial photography imagery)
  • City Boundary
  • Neighbourhoods
  • Parcel by Assessed Value
  • Parcels

The Parcel by Assessed Value function will allow a breakdown of parcels by Assessed Value range. Choose the assessed value ranges sought; ranges are in $100,000 increments and each range appears in a different colour.

To view a property assessment value, scroll to the property (or use the search icon and enter in either the property address or Assessment Tax Roll number) and single click on the parcel. A box will appear that provides:

  • Address Type (single = single family home)
  • Tax Roll
  • Assessment Value ($)
  • Year Built (main structure)
  • Legal Description
  • Provincial Linc Number
  • Calculated Area (of land in m2)

For other assessment information requests, please contact Assessment Services at 403-342-8235 or