Choosing an Electricity Retail Supplier

Need to sign up for electricity service? In Alberta, electricity services are managed by retail suppliers or retailers. They purchase the electricity, we deliver it and the retailer bills you for it.

You have choices when it comes to choosing an electricity retailer in Alberta's deregulated electricity market. Customers can choose between competitive contract and regulated options:

  • To see a list of competitive contract rate options and retailers, visit the Utilities Consumer Advocate or call them at 310-4822 in Alberta or 780-644-5130 outside Alberta.
  • If you are a residential or small commercial (using less than 250,000 kWh per year) customer, your Regulated Rate Option (RRO) in our service area is provided by Enmax Energy (310-2010) and the monthly regulated rates are approved by Red Deer City Council.
  • If you do not qualify for the RRO and do not choose a competitive retailer, you will be supplied electricity by Enmax Energy under the provisions of the Default Supplier Rate Schedule.

Contact your electricity retailer for:

  • Questions or information about your bill
  • Request new service to be energized
  • Reconnections after a service is disconnected
  • Request temporary or permanent service disconnection
  • Customer account questions (setting up a new account, etc.)

**The delivery of electricity and natural gas is not affected by your choice of retailer or regulated provider. For independent advice, visit or call 310-4822.**

Code of Conduct Compliance Plan and Complaint Process

As the owner and operator of an electric distribution system, The City of Red Deer must prepare a Code of Conduct Compliance Plan (pdf) setting out the systems, policies and mechanisms in place to ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct Regulation, Alta. Reg. 58/2015. If you have questions about the Plan, please email

Code of Conduct Regulation Complaints Process

Complaints about contraventions of the Code of Conduct Regulation may be made via email to and/or to the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) and/or the Alberta Market Surveillance Administrator (MSA).

The Alberta Utilities Commission can be reached by contacting 1-780-427-4903 or The Market Surveillance Administrator can be reached by contacting 1-780-705-3181 or The Alberta Utilities Commission and the Market Surveillance Administrator are independent of any distributors, regulated rate suppliers or affiliated providers.

The Department will acknowledge all disputes, complaints, or inquiries within five (5) working days of its receipt.

The Department will respond to the dispute, complaint or inquiry within 21 working days.

A final resolution of the dispute, complaint, or inquiry shall be completed as expeditiously as possible in the circumstances, and in any event within 60 days of receipt of the dispute, complaint or inquiry, except where the party making the submission otherwise agrees.