Evacuations can occur if an emergency situation threatens people in a particular area of our community. Knowing what to do during an evacuation can save time and ensure your safety.

Authorities will not ask you to leave your home or business unless they believe that you could be in danger. These decisions are not taken lightly and are always made with public and life safety as the priority.

What Should I Do If I Am Told to Evacuate My Home?

  1. Always follow the directions given to you by municipal and emergency authorities.
  2. Take your Emergency Kit and Family Emergency Plan.
  3. Ensure you evacuate with your medical devices, prescription medications and important documents.
  4. Unless directed otherwise, take your pets with you.
  5. If directed to do so, shut off your water and electricity.
  6. Leave your natural gas ON, unless directed otherwise.
  7. Lock your doors and windows.

If it is safe to do so and time permits, make contact with your designated out-of-town contact and let them know where you are evacuating to.

Where Should I Evacuate To?

Due to the unpredictable nature of emergency events, The City of Red Deer does not publicly pre-designate Evacuation Locations or Reception Centres. 

We have a number of facilities throughout the City identified as potential locations for evacuees during emergencies. We work with these locations to train and prepare for possible emergency events.

We partner with community agencies throughout Red Deer and Central Alberta to provide services to evacuees at Reception Centres. These services may include:

  • Food and water
  • Safe accommodations for the duration of the evacuation
  • Registration & inquiry and family reunification services
  • Access to important emergency information
  • Child care and recreation activities
  • Support for medical and personal care
  • Clothing
  • Communications
  • Pet care
  • Donation management

If you are directed to evacuate, follow the direction of municipal and emergency officials. They will provide you with important information including the location of any activated Reception Centres.