Enterprise Leadership Team

The City's Enterprise Leadership Team (ELT) includes the City Manager and the General Managers.

Enterprise Leadership Team Members

Name Position Phone Number
Tara Lodewyk City Manager 403-342-8156
Sarah Tittemore General Manager, Community Services 403-342-8308
Lisa Perkins General Manager, Corporate & Employee Services 403-309-8489
Mike Olesen General Manager, Growth & Finance 403-356-2469
Ken McMullen General Manager, Protective Services & Chief of Emergency Services  403-356-2455

Role of the Entreprise Leadership Team

Establish, maintain, and support an internal structure and culture with forward momentum towards targeted, clearly articulated objectives (including what trumps what when resources limited) by:

  • Interpreting and sharing Council’s direction and the political lens to the organization,
  • Developing and maintaining relationships in the community to promote the organizational interests,
  • Recognizing we are not the technical experts and we work in the “grey”. We are leaders, thinkers, advisors, communicators, and motivators.
  • Aligning the organization, providing them “goal posts” and support in achieving success.

Organizational Chart


Community Services

Corporate & Employee Services

Growth & Finance 

Protective Services