Mayor's Recognition Awards

The Mayor’s Recognition Awards recognize Red Deer individuals, groups or teams who have brought honour and recognition to Red Deer in one of five categories. Award recipients are selected by the Mayor’s Recognition Awards Committee, with the exception of the Mayor’s Special Award recipient, which is selected by the Mayor.

Mayor Ken Johnston

The Mayor’s Recognition Awards recognize Red Deer individuals, groups or teams who have brought honour and recognition to Red Deer in one of five categories:

  • Athletics
  • Fine and performing arts
  • Distinguished voluntary service
  • Community builder
  • Mayor’s Special Award (for humanitarianism, exceptional achievement, or an act of heroism or bravery)

Award recipients are selected by the Mayor’s Recognition Awards Committee, with the exception of the Mayor’s Special Award recipient, which is selected by the Mayor.

Nominations for the 2024 Mayor's Recognition Awards

Nominations for the 2024 Mayor's Recognition Awards are closed.

For additional information, please contact Legal & Legislative Services at 403-342-8132.

2023 Award Recipients


  • Grace Anne Campbell
  • Molly Simpson
Red Deer Catalina Swim Club
  • Tristan Cote (Head Coach)
  • Tejas Nayar (Assistant Coach)
  • Evan Kafara (Coach)
  • Abbi Bahler
  • Ben Bahler
  • Annika Erickson
  • Ryan Falk
  • Kaymin Graham
  • Myles Grant
  • Grace Hitchcock
  • Kingston Hitchcock
  • Jaycob Hoedel
  • Anna Horbushko
  • Jose Javier Martinez
  • Addison Pruden
  • Noah Thomas
  • Priya Thomas
  • Sofiia Tokar
  • Parks Tweedale
  • Cooper Waddle
  • Maddie Wiens
Red Deer Tennis Club Members
  • Darrell Nichols
  • Jean Anne Nichols
  • Ferdie Soriano
  • Barb Young

Distinguished Voluntary Service


Recognizing outstanding volunteers who have made a significant impact, enhanced the quality of life and/or implemented a significant positive change in Red Deer.

  • Wayne Blenkhorn
  • Benny Borgman
  • Lorraine Cooper
  • Stephen Cooper
  • Cody Howitt
  • Jaanvi Lal
  • Fern Lenihan
  • Janessa McCormack
  • Bob Pelletier
  • Linda Rowe
  • Myrna Schmidt
  • Denise Sorensen
  • Jack Swainson

Community Builder


Recognizing outstanding individuals or groups who have demonstrated special or unique qualities and who have made a difference in our community through leadership, dedication, innovation and creativity, with long term benefits.

  • Lena Drok
  • Zainab Mohamoud
  • Nancy Paish
  • Marie Payne
Central Alberta Crime Prevention Centre Board
  • Jeffrey Dawson
  • Christa Elliot
  • April Furness
  • Melissa Jacobson
  • Dawn Lundquist
  • Debb Mann
  • Shane Pahara
  • Lorraine Pitts
  • Doug Redmond
  • Debbie Romkes
Parkland Regional Safety Committee’s Fallen Worker Legacy Park Sub-Committee
  • Sally Brown
  • Tanya Cuffe
  • Treena Dixon
  • Doug Kereliuk
  • Tara Leis
  • Brad Vonkeman
The Ukrainian Displaced Persons Planning Committee
  • Father Jim Nakonechny, Chair
  • Burton Bailey
  • Emily Berg
  • Cheryl Deagle
  • Gerda Groothuizen
  • Audrey Gross
  • Olena Karachentseva
  • Oksana McIntyre
  • Alla Mysko-Henke
  • Craig Nykyforuk
  • Oksana Oliinyk
  • Vasyl Oliinyk
  • Daria Savchuk
  • Maria Serrano
  • Vitalii Varvaruk

Fine and Performing Arts

Lacey Oake

Recognizing individuals and groups who have gained national or international acceptance or recognition of outstanding specific achievement and/or a series of accomplishments over time in one or more of the arts.

  • Lacey Oake

Mayor's Special Award

Halima Ali

Halima Ali has dedicated her career and life to supporting immigrant and refugee women and their families. As the Executive Director of the Central Alberta Immigrant Women's Association, her passion for empowering immigrant communities is easy to see. Originally from Somalia, Halima has introduced several new programs in Red Deer aimed at helping integrate immigrants into their new community.

Halima's contributions to the community have been widely recognized. She was previously honored as one of Red Deer's Women of Excellence, acknowledging her outstanding commitment and leadership. In addition to her role as Executive Director, Halima has actively volunteered as a board member for various organizations, including the Alberta Network of Immigrant Women, Central Alberta Diversity Association, Alberta Health Advisory Council, and Community Capital. Her dedication and impact have been further acknowledged through the receipt of the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal in 2022.

Halima's work ethic, perseverance, resilience, leadership and inspiration have made her an invaluable force in supporting hundreds of immigrant women and their families. Through her unwavering commitment and dedication, she continues to make a positive difference in the lives of those seeking to build a new life in central Alberta.

Maggie Loney (posthumous)

Maggie Loney, also known as Turtle Woman, was a remarkable Indigenous Elder and humanitarian whose accomplishments and contributions left a lasting impact on the community. As a Cree woman and Sixties Scoop survivor, Maggie's experiences shaped her into a compassionate and caring individual.

Maggie dedicated herself to educating others about Indigenous knowledge and fostering understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. She generously shared her wisdom at local schools, community events and through her involvement with various organizations. From her role on The City of Red Deer's Systems Leadership Team to her contributions to the Urban Aboriginal Voices Society and the Remembering the Children Society, Maggie played an instrumental role in promoting reconciliation and creating positive change.

Maggie's approach to fostering change was rooted in non-judgmental practices, open sharing of Indigenous culture and history, and consistent actions of kindness and generosity. She embraced people from all walks of life and served as a grandmother, auntie, and friend to those who needed encouragement and support.

Sadly, Maggie's passing in December 2022 marked the end of a life dedicated to making a difference and promoting understanding and respect within the community. Her legacy will continue to inspire and influence us all for years to come.

Irene Tomlinson

Irene Tomlinson may soon become known as the Guardian of the Golden West Industrial Area.

She has been an integral part of Border Paving for 11 years, serving as the company's security officer for the past seven. With a keen eye and unwavering dedication, Irene diligently monitors properties and keeps a watchful eye on the entire neighborhood. Her presence and commitment have earned her the trust and respect of neighboring business owners who rely on her vigilance to maintain a safe and secure environment.

Irene's contributions extend far beyond her role as a security officer. Her actions have directly impacted and saved lives. In times of crisis, she has stepped forward without hesitation. Whether it was responding to a motorcycle accident and providing life-saving CPR until paramedics arrived, tipping off the police about the location of a long sought-after vehicle, assisting someone in a mental health crisis, helping a person struck by a car, or thwarting a significant theft of valuable copper wiring, Irene's humility shines through.

Despite her remarkable achievements, Irene does not seek recognition but rather finds fulfillment in making a difference in the lives of both individuals who may be heading down the wrong path and the hardworking businesspeople who have invested their blood, sweat and tears into their businesses. Irene's selfless dedication truly speaks volumes about her character and the profound impact she has on the community.