Team D.’s success story

While living with his mother, D was finding it mentally difficult to cope day to day. D’s mother was struggling to make it month to month which in turn made it difficult for the two of them, plus his son to maintain healthy living. Each day made his depression worse, believing there was no direction in his life. Feelings of homelessness became a reality because he was unable to have a place to call his own. D told of how much he loves his 5 year old son and how he desperately wants to show his son’s mother that he is working on a positive future for himself and his son.

D heard about Safe Harbour through income support. Within a week of being in intake, D was matched with a case manager with the Red Deer Housing Team. In the initial phases of working with D, he expressed what reasonable accommodations looked like to him, and what he felt would make a solid atmosphere for himself and his son. When D and his case manager met to view the apartment, D instantly realized this was the one he wanted. The landlord saw the look of happiness on his face and quickly said that as long as RDHT could supply a letter of support for him, he was in. To make things even better, the landlord offered to help him with home renovations as needed to supplement his income. Within two days of being housed, D filed an application with the Red Deer Housing Authority and was accepted with a guaranteed subsidized rent.

D reports that his mental and physical wellness continue to get better each day and has nothing but positive feelings for the future. He sees his son every other weekend and in a home with all the characteristics he wanted for him and his son: near a park, in a quiet , drug-free neighborhood and where he could easily access transportation. Within exactly one week of working with the RDHT, Darren was able to find and secure housing in a place he now calls home.