Red Deer Housing Team: S's Story

On September 9, 2016 the Red Deer Housing Team completed a warm transfer with S from Wetaskiwin. She recently broke up with her ex-partner of over 10 years.S stayed with a friend for a short while after the break up until she moved to Red Deer. When she came to Red Deer she stayed with her male friend and shortly after she felt unsafe as the friend was wanting sexual favors. S left and went and stayed with another friend until she found housing.

On August 31, 2016 S found her own housing. When The Red Deer Housing Team started working with S she was already moved in her home. She had very little furniture as it was all in a storage unit in Wetaskiwin. The movers through the Shoestring Warehouse helped her move her furniture from her storage unit to her new home. When her furniture arrived she felt a relief. The Red Deer Housing Team helped S unpack and decorate her new home.

Shortly after working with S, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. S went to her surgery and stayed with her mother after to recover. When she came back home The Red Deer Housing Team supported her with goals that she wanted to work on. She is also taking care of herself by going regularly to the dentist after going 10 years without seeing one.

Since housing, S has been going to a church group, volunteers in the kitchen and has met some positive friends. She also goes to the women’s group at the Women’s Outreach and has met some new people.

One of S’s biggest goals was to get back in the work field. Since she enjoys working with elderly people and has worked in retirement homes in the past, after seeing a job posting for a retirement home needing kitchen help, she applied, got the job and is now working full time.