Red Deer Housing Team: B's Story

My client has shown incredible dedication to the program and has worked hard to get to where he is today. During a transition between programs, B made sure his rent was paid, maintained his home and sobriety. B has been sober since October 2015 and works hard to maintain his sobriety by connecting with Alberta Addictions, Mental Health /Addictions client Advocate, volunteering and attending courses through Alberta Mental Health and Primary Care Network.  B’s first few months were intense in the program. We worked hard to make appropriate connections to the community. We were able to get years of taxes completed and sent in. He went to the registries and got ID for the first time in years. To ensure rent was paid in full every month, third party payments were set up with the landlord.  We went to get advice on past debts. We connected with local job supports in the community to update his resume and looked for meaningful employment.   B has also been struggling with his physical health, so with the support of the housing team we advocated for physiotherapy and new medications. B spends a lot of time volunteering at the Warehouse to fill the gaps in his resume and fill his days.  B has recently started school to get his class 1 and has excelled getting 100% on his written exam. Getting his class one has been his dream and one of the biggest priorities on his service plan.  With the support of the housing team, B was able to complete his goals and gain long term stability.