Red Deer Housing Team: J.C.'s story

Writer started working with client on August 29, 2016. Client was couch surfing at her daughters and sleeping on her couch for a few weeks. Client was struggling as she recently separated from her husband of over twenty years. Client had been suffering from depression and sleep issues due to the separation and the thought of having to start over at fifty three years old. Client was working at a grocery store and was getting almost fulltime hours, but with the wages she was receiving made it difficult to save for a new home.

 Client applied at the Red Deer hospital for housekeeping while she was looking for her new home. A week later, client got a call for an interview. The employers liked her attitude and her energy and hired her. Writer received a phone call I GOT THE JOB!!! She was so happy she was crying. She started work and took extra shifts to save for her new home.

On October 24, 2016 client moved into her new home! Client said it was meant to be, her apartment is located close to the hospital. Client doesn’t need to drive to work as she can walk. Client has built a friendship with the security guards from the hospital and they walk her home after her night shifts, so she feels safe. A week after she moved in she replied to a kijiji add for some free furniture as the person that was giving it way was terminally ill. This person’s family came and delivered it to her after hearing her story. When writer went for the first home visit, client was overjoyed with all the help she had received. Client had her home set up very nice.

Client talks to her three kids and her daughter is a big support in her life. Client will have her daughter over for sleep overs and go do fun things with her when she is not working. Since client has been housed and having her new job her sleep patterns have been much better and her stress has calmed down.

Client will graduate from the program at the end of January 2017.