Red Deer Housing Team: D.W.'s story

On December 2, 2017 D.W. was successfully housed. D had an income of only $260 when he first came into the Rapid Rehousing Program. Together, we were able to get additional income and within two months, he was getting $809. He had a dream to work as a security guard and so that was a prioritization within his service plan. Shortly after looking for work, D landed a job as a security guard and passed his probationary standing with flying colours! D has been able to reconnect with his children and finds joy in going to the gym to work out and also talking with various people every day. He has dreams of becoming a Peace Officer and is actively working towards becoming just that. He and I have had meaningful discussion regarding budgeting and savings. Over the course of three months, he has paid in full his pay back plan and made great progress in paying down his personal credit line and credit cards. It is a joy to work with such an amazing individual. He has shown me what Housing First really is and how someone can be successful if given the right tools.