Get Involved

Thank you to all the citizens and community partners who participated in our input opportunities from May 25 to June 10. Administration presented the What We Heard report to Council on June 20. Please email if you would have questions, comments or concerns relating to the future shelter project. 


Previous Public Input Opportunities

In February 2022, The City hosted seven targeted meetings with a third-party engagement specialist to develop an understanding about downtown property owners, businesses, associations, and service providers to provide feedback on process and a particular site, that was proposed. No site is proposed or being considered by Council at this time.

The targeted meetings resulted in administration understanding there is support for a permanent shelter in the community, that citizens want to be involved in the conversation moving forward, and that there is an information differential creating misinformation in the community about the project.

On April 11, 2022, Council gave administration direction to facilitate further conversations to clarify City and community level of influence on decisions pertaining to the permanent shelter process.

On May 9, City Council directed administration to host public participation opportunities to get input on site criteria for the permanent shelter. From May 25 to June 10, The City hosted public input opportunities in-person, online and by email. A What We Heard report was presented to Council on June 20 with an analysis of the input and detailed input included.

Resources related to permanent shelter process:

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