The Hansen Family Learns to Compost

Think it's too hard to get started backyard composting? Follow a Red Deer family as it learns how easy it is to compost in From Garbage to Your Garden: The Hansen Family Learns to Compost.

Episode 1: Meet the Hansen Family

Find out why they wanted to compost, and how it’s fit into the daily routine.
(2:47 minutes) 

Episode 2: Getting Started
Learn how to set up your compost bin and use the tools for composting success.
(3 minutes) 


Episode 3: The Essentials
Take a look at exactly what to put in your composter, and how to stack it.
(3:42 minutes)

Episode 4: One Week After
Listen to how the Hansen family has discovered composting is not much of a stretch from recycling. (3 minutes)


Episode 5: Fall Season
See how composting has become a routine part of garbage day.
(3:45 minutes)

Episode 6: Winter Season
Watch how to winter compost – it’s easier than you think!
(3:35 minutes)

Episode 7: Spring Season
Learn how much the bin contents shrink when things thaw in the spring.
(4:11 minutes)

Episode 8: Final Harvest
Harvest that compost in the spring for use in the garden or on the lawn.
(5:35 minutes)