How to Compost - Video Series

Learn all about composting and some of the myths. This five-part video series was created in partnership with

Why Compost - Part 1

Learn what composting is, and why it's one of the very best things you can do for your garden and the environment.
(3:37 minutes)

Composting Myths - Part 2

People think composting stinks, attracts pests, and takes too much time. Learn the truth about composting.
(2:39 minutes)

How to Compost - Part 3

Learn the super simple recipe for your backyard compost bin.
(7:19 minutes)

The Composter - Part 4

Learn where to put your composter, and where to find resources on buying or building a composter.
(1:50 minutes)

The Full Composting at Home Presentation

(12:02 minutes)

How to Harvest and Use Compost