Bronze Birch Borer

What is it?

Bronze Birch Borer insectThe Bronze Birch Borer is a native insect that attacks all birch species. These insects are strongly attracted to trees under stress. The first sign of a Borer infestation is dieback in the top of the tree which will eventually lead to the death in the rest of the tree. Check for small "D" shaped emergence holes on the trunk to identify the presence of this insect.


What can I do?

There are no chemical controls available when dealing with this insect. The best way to prevent and manage this insect is by ensuring the health of your birch tree. Keep it well watered, do any pruning in the summer months and control other insects affecting the birch.

If your tree is infected with this insect, the best way you can try and help it is to prune well below the damaged area and dispose of the cuttings at the landfill. Trees with one half of the crown (part of the tree above the trunk) affected should be removed and replaced with plant material that is not susceptible.

For more information please view the Bronze Birch Borer (pdf) pages from our Integrated Pest Management Manual.