Climate Adaptation Strategy


The Red Deer Climate Adaptation Strategy provides a roadmap for how The City can take action to enhance the climate resilience of The City’s assets, services, and operations to best serve the community. The strategy also identifies cross-linkages between the climate change impacts and the actions and goals that are outlined in The City’s Environmental Master Plan.

The project was funded in whole by the Government of Alberta, through the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre’s Climate Resilience Capacity Building Program.

Photo of a creek in Red Deer


The strategy identified a total of 71 risks of which 7 were identified as ‘Very High’ and 28 were identified as ‘High’, including wildland-urban interface fires, river and creek flooding, and hailstorms.

The strategy provides 20 recommended adaptation actions targeted at adapting to the very high- and high-risk climate hazards.   

Red Deer Climate Adaptation Strategy (pdf)