Streets and Lanes FAQs

How do I go about having the lane behind my residence paved?

Improvements such as lane paving are handled through a Local Improvement. For the procedures to follow, please refer to the Local Improvements page.

Who do I call if I am concerned about branches hanging too low over a sidewalk, street, or traffic sign, or causing sight problems at intersections?

To have a tree or hedge looked at, please have the civic address of the property of concern on hand and contact the Engineering Services department at 403-342-8158.

How do I go about getting a driveway crossing and how much would it cost?

This information is available in our Curb, Sidewalk and Driveway Crossing Policy (pdf) or by contacting the Engineering Services department at 403-342-8158. Estimates can be obtained over the phone and are subject to street conditions, size and time of year.

I have noticed that not all intersections have drop curbs at pedestrian crossings. Which City department would I contact to have a curb ramp installed?

Curb ramps are installed at all intersections in new subdivisions. Curb ramps are installed only if the sidewalk requires replacement as a priority under the Capital Sidewalk Program.

Contact the Engineering Services department for further information.

How do I reserve a parking stall?

To have a parking stall reserved, contact the Engineering Services department at 403-342-8158. They will require the number of stalls to be reserved and the duration the reservation. Applicable charges will apply.

What are the requirements for hoarding a sidewalk or lane of traffic?

Hoarding is another term for using a portion of the sidewalk, laneway or roadway for a temporary period to accommodate construction or maintenance of your property. There is a charge for this based upon the size of the hoarding and the length of time you wish to use it. Please contact the Engineering Services department at 403-342-8158 for further information or to arrange for this service.