Curb, Sidewalk and Driveway Crossing Applications

The Engineering Services department controls access from public/private property onto City streets. When property owners wish to change or add an access to their site, they must submit a site drawing (for approval) showing locations of the proposed driveway crossings. Once approved, an application for Curb or Sidewalk Crossings is completed and sent to our Public Works Roads Section for construction. The cost for this work is charged to the property owner.

For further information, please refer to The City of Red Deer Curb, Sidewalk and Driveway Crossing Policy (pdf)

Capital Sidewalk Construction Program

The Capital Sidewalk Program was initiated in 1998 and is intended to provide funding to install sidewalks in high priority areas.

Criteria for consideration under this Program includes, safety concerns, pedestrian volumes, road classifications and alternate walking surfaces.

Curb Ramps

Curb ramps are installed at all intersections in new subdivisions. In older areas, curb ramps are installed only if the sidewalk requires replacement as a priority under the Capital Sidewalk Program.

Contact the Engineering Services department for further information.

Maintenance Work

The Public Works department looks after all maintenance of sidewalks.

Curb Ramp

Sidewalk Construction

Curb ramp Sidewalk construction